“Writing to Be Read” Workshop

In today’s world, information is not a scarce commodity. Time is. Attention is.

Writing to Be Read is a skill-building workshop in writing techniques that capture and hold readers’ attention. It’s based on my longterm experience writing and editing about environmental topics (see About the Presenter), and is specifically tailored for people at environmental agencies and organizations.

The fundamental principle is simple: Write for the reader. Easy to say, but how exactly do you do that? Writing to Be Read shows you how. Workshops cover such topics as:

◊ Leads that work
◊ Finding the story (hint: A topic is not a story)
◊ Bureaucrats’ favorite words—and how to pick better ones
◊ “Keeping it simple” without “Dumbing it down”
◊ The power of the particular
◊ Interviewing: Getting and using great quotes

Writing to Be Read workshops are lively and entertaining. They include hands-on activities, such as “The Bureaucrat’s Refrigerator Magnet Game,” and lots of real-life examples—both good and bad—drawn from writing on environmental topics.

For more information, click the links below:
About the presenter
Workshop details 
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